The Comparison Monster

This is how you kill comparison: create before consume.

We consume so much content. Social media is full of photos, videos, status updates, and tweets that only show us a highly curated view of reality.

We “follow” people we want to be like. We follow companies we want to buy from. We cant help but enjoy looking at and longing for what we don’t have.

But days, weeks, and months later we double tap something we see, and what we’re really saying is “I want that” or “I wish I looked like that”

So instead of waking up and scrolling through feeds and feeds of envy, wake up, get up and create something that you can be proud of.

Maybe it’s a photo, maybe it’s muscles (exercise), maybe its a great looking bowl of acai, or even a journal entry that no one will ever see.

No matter what it is, create before you consume.

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