Trump’s Disgusting Mouth

Over the past couple of days the amount of hate talk and slams against Donald Trump have risen to, probably, the highest point since he began running for President. And considering the misogynistic and sexual harassment nature of his recorded conversation from 2005 is anyone really surprised? The things he said were grossly disturbing and completely uncalled for.

However, I would like to challenge you on something before you send off your next #NeverTrump tweet.

Should you really expect anything different?

Where were your tweets when Disney released Ironman in 2008 and portrayed a real life Donald Trump character actually DOING the things Mr. Trump is caught on camera saying. Ironman made well over 300 million dollars leading to two more Ironman movies and many other Marvel appearances. But it’s ok because the character had a change of heart?

Where were your Facebook posts as you lauded Game of Thrones on it’s character development, a show full of sexual harassment and crude language. Game of Thrones averaged 3 million viewers the first season and ended the 6th season with series high of almost 9 million viewers.

And where were the hacked-off women when Stranger Thing’s hottie-jock mislead a female character into a sexual relationship against her character’s nature? Stranger Things was confirmed for a second season after only 45 days after it’s release.

And that’s just movies and television. Don’t even get me started about music and the lyrics to the most popular songs over the last 10 years.

My point is that if you’re going to hate on Trump for saying what he said, then be consistent. Stop watching those shows and movies. Stop listening to that music. Essentially, stop being a part of pop culture. And if that’s too difficult for you, then stop expecting that from someone else.

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