How to choose a heart rate monitor for Pulsoid

We will tell you what monitors are supported

We are happy you are interested in using Pusloid app and we believe you are looking for the heart rate monitor to use with the app.

The Pusloid has two main requirements that can help to choose you the one for your streaming.

  • Connection type — only BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) monitors are supported now
  • The form and technologies: chest straps only are supported. Some armbands were reported as supported. Pulsoid works with monitors that use ECG (Electrocardiography) sensors measure and have a high frequency of measurements.

Confirmed monitors: CooSpo H6, Polar H10, Wahoo TICKR, Polar OH1, Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband.

Pusloid DOES NOT work with watches and bracelets( including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung gear, etc) or ANT+ only monitors (Garmin).

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can be used with Pulsoid as an alternative solution for Android.

The list of monitors that were reported as supported by Pulsoid users can be found on Pusloid Discord here.

Most poppular questions about service and monitors here

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