HR fails on thought not on execution

Every HR manager worth her salt knows how to execute well and they do just that hours after hours. Then why you don’t see positive outcomes?

Try asking your learned neighbour to write a lifestyle manifesto for your family, one all your family member would abide by. Then go on vacation and ask for the ready manual when you come back. Then try living by it.

This is exactly what happens when you instruct your HR manager to create policy manual for the company and you vanish on business trip.

Where is the thought? In HR manager’s head, your neighbour’s head of is it your vision and values you want to be reflected in the policy framework? So why are you running away?

Most HR failures are not because of execution failures but they are simply thought failures. All is not lost because you still have a head, thoughts can be brought in anytime, you just find time. Here’s a simple drill:

  1. Take two days off from work and gather your function leaders. Don’t forget to call your HR person as well.
  2. Spend two days and the intervening night talking, sharing, listening the story of your venture, what you want to create, who should join in etc etc.
  3. Define roles, create policy framework, figure few programs that will strengthen capabilities and culture.

Go put the thought, then execute.

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