Measuring output is not enough!

Good performance managers do input conversations

That’s what sales managers have been doing for years, starting morning meetings with beat plans, meeting lists & demo pitches. Then following through the day checking for intervention needs, discount needs & fending competition street by street.

All that is deep dive on input items, they know closures is an outcome that’ll come out of managing input. Role of a performance manager is exactly that, ensuring & curating right input.

This also is an insight on how to hire great managers, ask for their performance check list, see if they have eye on managing input. Most experienced ones will also know what comes difficult, they’ll have home grown strategies for that.

Good performance managers encourage staff to improvise on input methods. We used a simple thumb rule that says “How is my input better this month over last month?” Thats continuous improvisation & it achieves awesome results both for Organisation & individual’s confidence.

Great output comes from great input, that comes from continuous improvisation. Good news? Anyone can achieve it.

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