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4 min readSep 10, 2023

An idea created by two bachelor students which spiraled into a verified plugin.

May 1st, 2023 marked a revolutionary day for developers and AI enthusiasts as OpenAI released ChatGPT models onto their API. This allowed developers to integrate powerful models like gpt-3.5-turbo into various applications. The developer community has been abuzz with excitement, and forums are teeming with creative solutions and support on how to leverage this model for an array of use cases. The waitlist swelled as developers eagerly lined up to build plugins for ChatGPT-4/plus subscribers. Established companies like Expedia, Klarna, OpenTable, and Wolfram have already rolled out impressive plugins. But what’s even more exciting is that this isn’t just a playground for the big players; smaller developers have an equal opportunity to showcase their creativity on the ChatGPT plugin store.

A Plugin Born Out of Necessity.

As two students who faced the brunt of the pandemic, our first year of university was stripped of its essence. The joy, the gatherings, the introductions — all were lost to the quarantine. Therefore, the two of us decided to turn our shared sorrow into an opportunity to bring joy to others. Thus, the idea of Party Planner was conceived, not just as a plugin but as a social service to encourage people to reconnect and make up for the lost time.

Photo by Al Elmes on Unsplash

Introducing Party Planner

Party Planner is a versatile plugin that caters to everyone — from socialites in designer to students in debt. Our mission is to ensure that everyone gets to experience the joy of coming together without the hassle of organizing every little detail of the party.

The plugin is designed to be user-friendly and highly customisable. It uses seven parameters to help you plan the perfect party:

Theme: Set the mood right with a theme that resonates with the occasion.

Number of People: Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, Party Planner has got you covered.

Type of Guests: Customize the party based on whether you’re hosting friends, family, colleagues, or classmates.

Location: Be it a bustling city or a quaint town, Party Planner will find the best spots for you to buy decorations for your venue.

Duration: Plan a short, medium, or long event.

Drink Type: From soft drinks to liquor, choose what suits your crowd.

Drink Level: Keep it chill or go all out, but always remember to drink responsibly.

How It Works

Party Planner is built on FastAPI and integrates seamlessly with ChatGPT. To start planning your party, you need to provide your preferences through a simple API request. Here’s how the magic happens behind the scenes:

An example prompt using Party Planner

The plugin processes the preferences via ChatGPT and uses additional functions to find decoration stores near the specified location, and calculate the drink quantity based on the number of people, drink level drink type, and the duration of the party.

A JSON response is generated, which includes instructions for ChatGPT, theme details, number of people, type of guests, drink level, drink type, places for decoration, and drink quantity.

# Request to Party Planner
"location": "Amsterdam",
"people": 6,
"people_type": "friends",
"drink_level": "normal",
"drink_type": "classy",
"age": 30,
"duration": "medium"
# Response from Party Planner
"chatgpt_instructions": "You are the best party planner called PartyGPT. Use the information provided to plan the best night for the user. Provide ideas for what to do during the party. Make sure to advocate responsible drinking.",
"theme": "casual",
"people": 6,
"people_type": "friends",
"drink_level": "normal",
"drink_type": "classy",
"decoration_places": [
"drink_quantity": [
"2 bottles of 40% alcohol (tequila, whiskey, vodka etc,)",
"1 bottles of 12% alcohol (wine, champange, etc)"

As a user, you receive a comprehensive party plan from ChatGPT, which includes venue options, activities, drink suggestions, and much more, all tailored on the preferences you provided. This process ensures that Party Planner provides you with the most relevant and exciting options for your party, making the planning process effortless and fun.

Future Support

Party Planner is still in it’s first version which means there are surely problems to be fixed. We hope the community will support us in communicating any issues found while using the plugin. We will try to keep updating Party Planner with more functions and fixes in the future. Party Planner is one of two plugins we created under the umbrella of our startup company called PluginPort. The other one being Fortune Finance which is still under developement.

PluginPort will continue to develop plugins for the ChatGPT plugin store and will create private hosted integrated plugins for businesses where necessary.

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