just when you think you can change yourself…

What I’m going to show you looks like a beach sunrise. Haven’t felt something like this since Major Lazer’s rework of Hot Chip’s “Look at where we are” was my personal soundtrack for the summer of ‘14.

Music like this simply pushes you forward so much that the effect spills over to the physical world, you just HAVE to move, even if it’s slightly popping your head. There is no part of any piece that breaks this spell either; every track can stand on its own, but works much much better together with the rest of this self-titled release.


If you haven’t found your summer soundtrack yet, you have now:

you’re on a hectic night out in a mediterranean, coastal city, it’s dawning, and you are sitting on the beach; waiting to turn the shift over to the golden-white rays of sunshine. You’re free now, you stagger to your room humming a tune you’ve heard in one of the bars you’ve been to.

It had a perfectly melodic rhythm, exquisite and hauntingly fitting vocals.The whole track changes rhythm, sometimes even abruptly winds down then swiftly picks up the pace, throws you further in; and not even once does it break continuity. It’s a wholesome experience — you don’t listen to this kind of work, you experience it.

After the first listen, it fuses into you and just feels right every subsequent play.