Handle The Cracked Boilers Very Carefully!

Electric boiler furnaces provide heat by burning a fuel, such as heating oil or natural gas and turning the turn water into steam. Then the steam is forced and circulated throughout the building’s heating system, and with the help of radiators the building gets warmed.

Regular maintenance is important!

The machineries like boilers consist of a number of parts and elements that help the boiler carry out its functions, in order to keep the boiler in the perfect working condition its important to provide it a regular maintenance. There are a number of functions that come under the processes of preventative maintenance and help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. A yearly boiler maintenance service is sufficient to keep a boiler system in a fine working condition.

When there are Cracks in boilers!

When a regular maintenance is not provided or due to many other various factors, boilers develop cracks and need an immediate act to fix them. The common signs that are the indication of damage are physical decay and rust. Here are some important points on what to do when your boiler has got cracked-

Shut Down-

There are chances of a fuel leak and even explosion when your boiler system is cracked or broken. In such a situation the first thing to do is to shut the boiler down completely and call the professional immediately. Only a person who knows well how to shut it properly should perform this task.

Let it get cool-

As the boiler gets extremely hot while in use, it is important to have patience to let it get cool before starting the repair work. You can utilize the time when you are waiting for the boiler to get cool to check and figure out if there are any additional visible cracks, and to clean up fuel and water that has been leaked in the boiler room.

Find out the source of the crack-

When the boiler has got cool and you can touch it, you can easily find out the source of the crack. The factors that cause the cracks in the tubes and fuel pipes might be rust, corrosion and age. However, in some cases a defective pressure valve leads to the excess pressure build up that ultimately break down the boiler.


When the source of boiler cracks has been found, the professional will suggest whether it can be repaired or it needs a replacement. Replacement of specific components may fix the problem, the faulty valves and cracked tubes are comparatively easy to change. However the cracks in a boiler tank are complicated to fix, these cracks require welding to make the tank capable to successfully handle the pressure of normal operation. When the tank is in irreparable condition, it becomes necessary to replace the tank itself that means replacing the whole boiler assembly.

The cracks in boilers may lead to dangerous and life threatening situations, it is extremely important to not delay the repair and get the boiler system fixed immediately.