The First 3 Things I did as a New Entrepreneur

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I wanted to know everything there was to know right off the bat. Frustrations can arise when you aren’t patient and it takes discipline to achieve your goals. This is what I decided to do, knowing nothing of the startup world.

#1 Seek help!

This is easy for some and difficult for others, it all comes down to your situation. My situation was one where I knew nothing of the startup scene and no one that did. I did the only thing people know how to do when they are in a bind, Google it. I found some amazing resources. First was SCORE mentoring, they have extremely qualified consultants who can help with your idea and point you in the right direction. The Second was the Utah SBA (small business administration). Almost everything I needed to know from a logistical standpoint was there and became instrumental in answering my questions on running a small business in Salt Lake City. Last and most important was connecting with a childhood friend living out in the San Francisco area. My Friend Maxx has always had the entrepreneurial bug and just happened to be willing to help. If you imagine it from his standpoint, your talking to someone who wants to drive formula one but doesn’t know what a transmission is. That’s where it begins, it’s slow going but everyone needs to start somewhere.

#2 Dive in

You ever get some on the job training that confuses the hell out of you and you think you’re doomed to fail? Or go through some tutorial the just confuses you more than when you started? This is that. All it takes is repetition, no learning is better than on the job learning, it forces you to adapt and learn if you don’t want to fail. I spent 6 months researching how to build a startup and I was stunned at the variety of technology that was out there to assist. I became so consumed with these different companies and resources that Maxx and I decided to put them together and make a website. Killing 2 birds with one stone I learned how to craft a website on Squarespace, and along the way learned about hundreds of useful companies in the startup realm.

#3 Promote

Our list was complete and we wanted people to get some use out of it. Two things came up; How do we get people to the site? And how can we make some money to recapture the monthly subscriptions costs? First was social media. I am not much of a social media user myself but it is a fantastic marketing tool. I will dive deeper into the avenues we decided to take in a later post, but we set up a FB page, Instagram, and contemplated a blog. Next was the money, setting up the site I hadn’t even heard of affiliate marketing but that seemed to be the direction we had to go. Affiliate marketing is a way for sites like ours to get commissions when users click the link of one of our affiliates. Cookies would be saved and linked back to us once and if a sale was made. Now we are just getting started mind you, and we are still not sure how everything will play out. But we have big plans for the future and this is a start, everyone needs a start.