You see,

The way we experience life is a matter of dynamic fusion between trends and roots..

We see these circles everywhere we look.

How seed turns to seed..

How a child becomes adult and branches out of his family roots until he becomes a new family..

The need to communicate the subjective experience is the desire to life in essence ..

You see a world where two persons communicate their subjective experiences till they become singular..

You see the way,

How cultural, starting with culinary and AV experiences can be engaged in new ways that emphasize the real value we exchange- subjective experiences , until the chain of production becomes fully automated..

This trend is here..

Frameworks are here..

I believe , that within 3 years , tech interfaces will reach appropriate/ affordable state..

Eventually it will become common to carry/wear AR AV headsets powered by smartphones at high speed networks.

New approach to social networks, blockchain and value exchange..

Augmented culinary/musical/Art, immersive experience will mean expanded cultural exchange.

Now it’s time to experiment with what is available.

I’m talking about applications such as Artivive.

Imagine pointing your smartphone cam at the food you get and getting the whole cultural/ concept story it carries.

The integration of culinary an AR AV will give additional stage

To AR AV artists..

we consume food daily,

Music and art rarely..

It’s a new stage/ marketplace for cultural content consumption, where you can experience and share your subjective interpretation on networks.

You can be reworded for your creative value.

I’m talking about using cutting edge tech for reconnecting to deep cultural roots.