Sliide Signs Content Agreement with Fourth Operator in USA

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Oct 21 · 3 min read

…Sliide drives loyalty and reduces churn by developing white labeled mobile content experiences that bring users back into the domains of operators…

21 October 2019 — Sliide today announced a content agreement with its fourth Operator customer in the USA. This brings the company’s number of contracts across the continent to six (including two handset manufacturers).

Sliide enables MNOs and OEMs to own the mobile content experience by keeping subscribers within their proprietary domains through the provision of fully managed and customized white-label content services.

As well as MNOs and OEMs, Sliide’s service benefits multiple stakeholders including: content producers looking to increase readers/viewers/listeners; enterprises who want their mobile advertising to be more targeted and app developers seeking greater visibility across devices.

Sliide’s services include:

  • A pre-installed, personalized news services, now being used by subscribers in preference to established publisher apps such as CNN, CNBC and BBC. Users receive constantly updated stories in 130 languages, from 260 countries.
  • A rewards app that enables users to download and interact with games in return for receiving in-app currency — which can then be exchanged for data bundles, talk time or vouchers from 100+ retailers.
  • The app widget which recommends apps to users based on geography and their previous download history.

Sliide’s latest success in the US market follows a period of rapid growth for the company as the effectiveness of its service has become increasingly well-known. For example, MNOs that use Sliide’s service have seen a positive impact on their overall churn metric; and all of Sliide’s customers and partners have proceeded to full contract after initial trial — often widening the number of device SKUs the technology is distributed on and even adopting additional products post-launch.

Corbyn Munnik, CEO of Sliide, said “We are bringing eyeballs back into the Operators’ domain. We are expanding rapidly and working with the world’s largest operators. Our goal is for an appropriate version of our technology to be installed on every handset coming out of China — and to be the de-facto news and advertising software adopted by MNOs and OEMs”.

About Sliide

Sliide has developed an innovative solution to a challenge faced by operators, handset manufacturers and brands every day: how to keep subscribers interested and on-board.

Sliide’s proprietary technologies have been pre-installed on tens of millions of mobile devices around the world by the largest operators to engage users, drive revenue and fundamentally decrease churn. It has blue chip customers and repeat business.

Operators and handset vendors love providing a unique service that increases customer loyalty. However, they are not software companies and need Sliide to manage the whole system — news feed, rewards app, app widget and content hub. Sliide is an end-to-end solution that brings the benefits of the entire digital media ecosystem to operators.

For users, Sliide’s products provide access to content that they otherwise wouldn’t have found. They love the free personalised content, the discounts and rewards from all their favourite retailers — and the suggestions of apps they might like to explore. Sliide’s products are consistently rated 4* and above out of 5* on the Google Play store by its subscribers.

Publishers love Sliide as it brings their content — video, audio and text — to new audiences throughout their mobile experience.

Brands love it as they have a non-intrusive way to promote products to highly targeted audiences.

Apps love Sliide as it gives them more visibility on devices.

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We use developed market learnings to build products that solve problems in emerging markets. Our core product (Sliide Airtime) ad-funds access to the internet.

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