Working with Emerging Consumers in Developed Markets

Our mission at Plus44 is to create great products for emerging consumers experiencing the mobile revolution. But emerging consumers don’t just live in emerging economies — there are many people around the world living in developed economies who live in comparatively similar situations to those in less developed markets.

The USA for example, although one of the world’s largest economies, and widely viewed as an incredibly successful country, still has vast disparity of wealth distribution and a large number of people who cannot afford items which many Americans would consider basic belongings, such as a smartphone. According to research published in 2014, the share of wealth owned by the top 0.1% in the USA is almost the same as the bottom 90% (

In the USA the mobile Lifeline program helps people in disadvantaged economic positions to receive mobile phone service at a more affordable price. (You can read more about how people qualify for this assistance here:

Since our Sliide Airtime app won the Most Innovative Mobile App in the World at Mobile World Congress in early 2017, we have had a number of requests from companies working in the Lifeline sector in the USA to further develop our product offering for them. We believe that by partnering with Original Equipment Manufacturers and Eligible Telecommunications Carriers working within the Lifeline sector, our Sliide technology can help these emerging consumers get the most value from their smartphones, and also provide a profitable opportunity for our partners.

So that is exactly what we are going to do — continue our mission to help emerging consumers get more from mobile. Watch this space.