Let’s Build Your Health Dream Team

By Alice Lin Fabiano

How can an everyday idea change healthcare for all of humanity? It might seem like a daunting question, but we intend to find out.

Executive Director Alice Lin Fabiano demonstrates mMitra, a mobile health innovation platform developed in partnership with ARMMAN, USAID, Johnson & Johnson, United Nations Foundation & BabyCenter.

This year, Johnson & Johnson set a new challenge to bring together innovators, front line health workers, entrepreneurs and our own employees. We are asking them — and you reading this — what it will take to achieve the healthiest generation, what we are calling “GenH.” Building the healthiest generation will take diverse thinking, and a recognition that no idea is too small, no approach too local, and no innovator too new. Our call to action is one intended to take the spark of an idea you’ve begun in your mind, and with the fuel of financial and in-kind investment, help that spark grow into a flame that can light the way to a healthier future. That’s the GenH Challenge.

The GenH Challenge is placing the next big bet on the front lines of care, where every day approaches, quick fixes, and fast thinking deliver health, often against seemingly insurmountable odds. We know it is often the health worker, mother or local researcher who applies their knowhow and determination to make sure their families and communities thrive. What if you could build your “dream team,” tapping into your insight and combining it with the ingenuity of entrepreneurs, health providers, inventors, and tech pros from around the world?

So this is the part that’s up to you.

We’re calling on every person to become a global citizen to get creative, get involved, and get to work to leverage your expertise and passion to unlock a novel idea or approach in healthcare. The GenH Challenge is about taking collaboration to new and diverse heights by supporting and championing pioneers of ingenuity to bring their best ideas forward, in partnership with people who deliver care on the front lines. And with the United Nations convening world leaders to discuss solutions to big problems, there’s no better time than right now to ensure your solutions are part of that global conversation.

Here’s the three ways you can channel your UN Week inspiration into getting involved in the GenH Challenge.

1. Register at GenHChallenge.com. Tell us your idea! And get access to the GenH Network, targeted resources, and pro-tips to submit the best application.

2. Phone a friend. Had a friend, colleague, or fellow innovator you’ve been waiting to partner with? Here’s your chance. Build that dream team and apply today.

3. Spread the word. Know someone right for the GenH Challenge? Be the connector. Share this post with them! In fact, here are two tweets you can send right now to spread the word about the GenH Challenge to innovators in your network.

What’s your #GlobalGoals solution? Apply to the #GenH Challenge for the chance to win big and do good. www.GenHChallenge.com [click to tweet link: https://ctt.ec/U970A]

Calling all innovators! Put your expertise to the test for good. Join the #GenH Challenge from @JNJGlobalHealth. www.GenHChallenge.com [click to tweet link: https://ctt.ec/dTelu]

We’re ready to be on your team. Only one question remains — do you have what it takes to collaborate, disrupt, and win the GenH Challenge? Find out!

Alice Lin Fabiano is the Executive Director of Social Innovation for Global Community Impact at Johnson & Johnson.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Ms. Lin Fabiano was a strategy consultant at The Bridgespan Group where she worked with leaders and organizations to accelerate social change, with a focus on women’s empowerment and education. Ms. Lin Fabiano was a Harvard Business School Fellow at Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). She began her career at Morgan Stanley where she was part of the founding team that launched the firm’s Social Finance and Microfinance Institutions Group, and raised more than $100 million for women entrepreneurs around the globe.

Ms. Lin Fabiano holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University. She is a proud board member of Prakti Design, a social enterprise that designs cook stoves for the world’s poor.

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