Meet the members of Tunisia +SocialGood

This week, Karim Benabdallah will take over +SocialGood social media channels to highlight how local young people are working towards the Global Goals.

A participant in the first Hack for Good Tunisia receives her certificate of attendance.

Tunisia +SocialGood is a community of over 200 young and passionate Tunisians who believe that technology, innovation, and the Global Goals framework can make the world a better place. They gather throughout the year to learn about development, discuss challenges, and create solutions.

Tunisia +SocialGood gathers for its Social Good Summit meetup

Tunisia +SocialGood centers around the Global Goals, a set of 17 goals agreed on by United Nations member states in 2015, and how they can serve as a framework for future social good action.

Karim, who founded Tunisia +SocialGood in 2014 during the Social Good Summit, shared the importance of the group within their community: “The +SocialGood community is a unique chance to learn and share knowledge. I’m amazed how young people are in total harmony with Global Goals as a ship to hope and prosper.”

The Global Goals are “meant to be starting and measuring point” said one young member. Through meetings, hackathons, and local volunteer trips, these innovators are working together to push progress forward. Check out a few of their events below and tune-in to @plus_socialgood on Instagram and PlusSocialGood on Snapchat this week to meet more members!

Karim Benabdullah unites the crowd at a Ignite Tunis event

Ignite Tunis — Tunisia +SocialGood hosted 17 Ignite talks, 5 minutes discussions with 20 slides, throughout Tunisia to discuss the Global Goals. Ignite Tunis #4 brought together over 20 young people in the Japanese Garden in Tunis. The videos are still being used by UNDP Tunisia as educational materials on the Global Goals.

#Hack4Good — This year, +SocialGood Tunisia is hosting a series of #Hack4Good hackathons. Their event in January marked the first ever hackathon dedicated to the Global Goals in Tunisia. The two editions held so far have focused on “public transport” and “education.” The sessions not only introduced a large group of students to the Global Goals, but they also offered real and affordable solutions to local challenges.

One such solutions was a mobile application providing a social network for campuses to provide information on courses, transportation, home rentals, and more. The solution has already been picked up by a startup as a potential solution to help Goal #4 — Education — Goal #9 — Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and Goal #17 — Partnerships.

The +SocialGood community believes that when we come together, we can create solutions for the world’s biggest problems. Tunisia +SocialGood is a great example of how diverse partners and passionate advocates can help us achieve our goals by the year 2030.

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All pictures taken by Karim Benabdullah and the Tunisia +SocialGood team. They are under Creative Commons licence.