+SocialGood takes a global tour of happiness

On the International Day of Happiness, +SocialGood asked its members to share what made them happy. Here is what we heard.

Happiness can be big or it can be small. Humans can find joy in the spring breeze or the laughter of a friend. Happiness can also be the holistic health and well being of a community. We need to address both these scales of happiness. This can be done by celebrating all these small things that make us happy and by taking big steps to protect them. We must take bold action to support global health, education, safety, equality, and to fight climate change. When we achieve these Global Goals, we protect our people, planet, and make the world a happier place.

Happiness is other people. The majority of people told us that what made them happy was the friend, family, and community around them. Having deep connections to the people around you makes life more meaningful. These relationships can also exist at a larger level. Citizens are happier when their governments, businesses, and leaders engage with them and incorporate their needs in their work.

Individual happiness is tied to the happiness of our world. When we invest in our community, our community invests in us. By using our voices, our dollars, our votes and our feet, we can create the world we want. The greatest happiness will come when we come together to help one another. A happy, healthy population raises prosperity, deduces violence, and creates a better world for us all.

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