World Health +SocialGood

Join the World Health Organization, the United Nations Foundation, and +SocialGood for World Health +SocialGood, a three-day event providing insight into the major happenings of each day at the World Health Assembly.

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The World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization. Held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Assembly is attended by delegations from all World Health Organization (WHO) Member States. 
The World Health Assembly focuses on a health agenda that covers a wide range of key global health issues from non-communicable diseases, to nutrition, to universal health coverage. It is at the World Health Assembly that global health experts gather to determine the health agenda for the next year. This year, Member States will vote to elect the next head of the World Health Organization. This will be the first new WHO Director-General in 10 years, and also the very first time that all member states in good standing will be able to vote on the candidates.

With World Health +SocialGood, you can have a front row seat at the World Health Assembly. This three-day digital event will connect the engaged and active +SocialGood community and a diverse online community of global health advocates directly with the Assembly.

Through these daily live, 45-minute broadcast, World Health +SocialGood will discuss the major themes discussed at the World Health Assembly, while also offering exclusive, original content and conversations with experts about key health issues under discussion. Follow the conversation! We’ll be covering on social media and streaming live. Get live updates about the program and livestream here.

— World Health +SocialGood Schedule —

May 23: 3:30–4:00pm CEST, 9:30–10:00am ET

May 25: 4:00–4:45pm CEST, 10:00–10:45am ET

May 26: 4:00–4:45pm CEST, 10:00–10:45am ET