The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
Human Parts

Dear cupcake shop girl,

It was another cold winter’s day; I was living by myself, alone in a foreign city, toiling away at a thankless job. The cupcake and cup of tea purchased was a desperate attempt to find the warmth, understanding and inspiration needed to get me through another soul-draining week.

As I sat down and was about to turn my attention to the cupcakes and the steaming cup of hot tea, a mother and her very young daughter walked through the shop also in search for something that would brighten up their day.

You were probably working your way through university, or maybe this was the first job that you were offered after countless resumes were printed and handed out store to store. But it didn’t stop you from showering the little girl with all your attention and affection. The way you moved around the counter and got down to meet the little girl eye-to-eye; the way you politely asked her name, and looking back up at the mother, enquired about her age with a twinkle in your eyes.

I remember leaving the shop, cupcake half eaten and the tea by now cold in the half-empty cup, but your silhouette when I turned back towards the shop a sweet and refreshing memory that I will savour for a long time.

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