Tues 4/18: CPS Students to Hold Rally to Save Teacher from Being Fired by the Mayor

Sarah Chambers could lose her job as a Chicago Public School teacher “because CPS and Rahm want to silence her,” say Sarah’s students. On the Facebook event page they made for a rally in support of their teacher, students call Sarah “a strong voice citywide for special education and LGBTQIA students.”

You can support Sarah Chambers at this student-hosted rally on Tuesday, April 18th, at 4:00 PM, outside Saucedo Elementary, 2850 W 24th Blvd, in Chicago. Help spread the word: visit the rally’s Facebook event page, share the event & and invite your friends to attend.

You can also support Sarah by signing her petition, “Don’t Fire Sarah Chambers! Defend a powerful voice for special education students.” Over 3,000 people have signed so far.

On April 11th, Sarah spoke with CBS Chicago’s Mike Krauser.

She told him:

“There’s really an attack against me, because I’m an outspoken union activist, and especially an outspoken special education advocate. They cut special education by $80 million at least this year alone, and it’s really hurting our students,” she said. “I’ve spoken at the Board of Education, and brought parents and students to speak at the Board of Education, and frankly they want teachers to be silent. You know, they want them to follow their orders, and I can’t be silent, because it hurts my students with disabilities.”

Saucedo Elementary “already has two vacancies for special education teachers,” reports DNA Chicago’s Stephanie Lulay.

In the article, Sarah speaks about the impact the threat of her firing is having on her students.

“Some of my students, when they saw online, they were bawling,” she said. “If Rahm Emanuel and CPS cared about our vulnerable special education students, they would stop this witch hunt and immediately return me to this classroom and my brilliant and creative students with disabilities.”

People from around the city and around the world are standing in solidarity, writing blogs and flooding social media to demand Chicago Public Schools and Mayor Rahm Emanuel stop targeting Sarah Chambers, who can be found on Twitter at @Sarah4Justice.

Just a few of the messages in solidarity with Sarah Chambers:

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