The LIRR 25% Ticket Deal is Not What it Seems

On July 10th Amtrak will begin construction in Penn Station that has been called the Summer of Hell. In an effort to reduce the number of people trying to make it to Penn, the LIRR is offering a 25% reduction in ticket prices for commuters to Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn.

This is all a carefully choreographed scam and you won’t find any deals here. Atlantic Avenue and Penn Station are both in Zone 1. As a monthly ticket holder between zone 9 and zone 1, I currently have the right to go to either Atlantic Avenue or Penn Station. I called the MTA to clarify how this 25% discount will be handled and found that if you buy a ticket to Atlantic Avenue or Hunters Point, that ticket will not be honored to Penn Station. If you try to use it to get to Penn Station you will be asked to purchase another ticket from Jamaica to Penn. Also, how is a 25% discount going to save me money when I need to buy a subway pass on top of the LIRR ticket.

If you are using Mail and Ride, you would have already received your July ticket, so you get no discounts for July.

It’s also curious that they are starting the work on the 10th instead of the 1st. This makes it hard to tell your employer that you will be working from home for the month to avoid the train problems. You need to buy a weekly train pass at a minimum. The LIRR will get their money some how!

It will be interesting to see how this incompetence will work out for them.