Hacker version of Picasso’s “Guernica” — Photo by @doctorow

Having a Hacker on Hand

Let’s say you are dedicated, savvy and invested enough to become the Plutocrat. What would you do with the full-time web developer you now have completely at your disposal? You probably wouldn’t need ideas, but for those of you who do, here are a few that come to mind:

Trading Bots

Some Lockstep developers have experience building trading bots and algorithms. Why not create your own? If you don’t know what a trading bot might do…well, it has the words “trading” and “bot,” which sounds both lucrative and futuristic. Let’s face it, that’s all you need to know.

Hack your Friends

While your Lockstep developer isn’t free to do anything illegal, many forms of hacking are legal, ethical, useful and fun. Whether it is your personal accounts, your business or that of a friend, a bit of penetration testing is always helpful in getting ahead of vulnerabilities. Plus, it sounds awesome to say you have a “pen tester” on hand.

Nothing at All

Nothing says “I’m a badass” like having a full-time engineer on hand and not using them. Stick it to the man by not leveraging useful assets at your disposal.

A SaaS App

How about actually building something useful and/or lucrative? Don’t have an idea for a product? As Picasso said: Good artists copy, great artists steal.