What is Plutocrat and why should you care?

Let’s be real for a second — Plutocrat is just another mobile game. There are thousands in the App Store (and more in Google Play). No one cares about 99.99% of those games, despite the months it took some poor nerds to create them. I’m looking at you, Hair Plucker. Here is the bottom fifth of the “popular” games in just one category on iTunes. Who the f&*% is creating all these things??

But I digress. You don’t care about mobile games for at least two reasons:

  1. You are a grown adult. Somehow it seems like literally anything else would be a better use of time than playing Hot Dog Bush.
  2. Even when you do find a genuinely diverting app, winning and losing is completely arbitrary. Did you get 150 or 160 hits in Fist of Fury? Oh, 170? Cool, no one cares. Even you.

How about a mobile game where you have something significant to lose, and a genuinely valuable reward for winning? I’m not talking about collecting coins in Coin Dozer, I’m talking about engaging a full-time web developer for the cost of the download. That’s staff my friend. I’m talking about the real possibility of losing that valuable privilege if you don’t crush your competition. I’m talk about Plutocrat.

Check it out this July.

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