Tokenizing an asset in real world

Improving Traditional Finance

  • The most important information to users will appear first, appear prominently, and be easy to understand;
  • Users must have quick access to the most common and desired actions for traders;
  • Data visualization must be displayed simply and clearly, offering insights that ultimately empower users’ trading decisions.

Utility Tokens

Is it possible to participate in high-return-yet-illiquid assets?

  • Arts and boutiques;
  • Real estate;
  • PE funds;
  • Shares in start-ups and etc

Regular updates from the Plutux Team to help you understand more about our vision, team, and product.

The Future of Asset Tokenization, 17 Sep 2018

Plutux Exchange

The leading digital assets and securities exchange platform in Asia, on the highest quality security token listings in the most compliant and secure environment

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