Tokenizing an asset in real world

Asset tokenization is built up under the principle of blockchain technology. It implies the process of changing the right of an asset to a kind of digital tokens.

Tangible assets can certainly be tokenized but what makes asset tokenization interesting is that even intangible assets or revenue generated from the tangible assets could be fractionalized, meaning that you hold a fraction of an asset.

In other words, any kinds of an asset or any kinds of the right associated with the assets could be tokenized in the blockchain.

As the digital assets can be freely traded in the market, it…

We are confident that blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay. That being said, the glory days of ICO has passed, and the cryptocurrency market is going through a sanitation period whereby many utility tokens will phase out. However, we remain bullish on asset-backed tokens, and security tokens, tokens with real fundamental value have high potentials to be the next big wave of internet finance.

Improving Traditional Finance

Many financial intermediaries or so-called “middleman” that exists today is to create trusts between counterparts in business transactions. Trust in financial services is essential to facilitate transactions and for marketplaces to operate. …

To create a strong trader-centric experience, we have outlined three guiding principles for the design and implementation of our Users Experience (“UX”) and User Interface (“UI”):

  • The most important information to users will appear first, appear prominently, and be easy to understand;
  • Users must have quick access to the most common and desired actions for traders;
  • Data visualization must be displayed simply and clearly, offering insights that ultimately empower users’ trading decisions.

Our design team, beyond building a powerful and easy-to-use trading platform, has developed each application function with scalability in mind. …

Crypto custody companies are growing to meet the needs of institutional investors, including hedge funds, who want to participate in the digital currency market. However, custody solution will vary depending on whether you are a typical consumer, a high net worth individual, an asset manager, a corporation or a recently minted project with a cryptocurrency in your treasury. While self-care is the preferred method for individuals, institutional money needs institutional level care, but it is not yet clear what is the best solution.

Institutional investors use custody solutions in the traditional fiat world designed around the regulatory frameworks, crypto funds…

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have raised over $20 bln this year, and ICO has completely changed the way startup raises funding in the unregulated market of cryptocurrency. Through ICO, startups may issue their own crypto tokens on a blockchain and distribute them to the financial contributors to the project. Depending on their use cases and functions, these crypto tokens may be deemed as either utility tokens or security tokens.

Utility Tokens

More than 90% of the projects currently listed on Coinmarketcap mask themselves as utility tokens to avoid regulatory concerns. Utility tokens typically represent future access to a project’s product or service…

Is it possible to participate in high-return-yet-illiquid assets?

Are you still investing in bonds or stocks regarding Hang Seng Index has dropped from more than 33,000 to about 27,000 in 10 months? How about buying pieces of a Picasso? Fine Art has been emerging as a new asset class for the well-diversified portfolio as it is uncorrelated to the general markets. A piece of art can generate a consistent ROI over a 5 to 10 years period.

Alternative investments have always been a high-return-yet-illiquid asset class including:

  • Arts and boutiques;
  • Real estate;
  • PE funds;
  • Shares in start-ups and etc

But these investment categories have high entry barrier to…

Regular updates from the Plutux Team to help you understand more about our vision, team, and product.

The Future of Asset Tokenization, 17 Sep 2018

Plutux is excited to announce our upcoming pre-registration along with our comprehensive community program, which offers one of most unique reward mechanism in the industry as we know today.

Plutux will be airdropping over 300,000 Shards to grow our community and reward our early supporters. Our airdrop will be released through our community program with built-in bounty missions and games.

Shards are exchangeable at our Redemption Centre for a variety of prizes, including TrueUSD (TUSD). TUSD is a stablecoin that you can redeem 1-for-1 for US dollars, subject to KYC upon withdrawal.

At Plutux, we fully understand the importance of…

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies took the world by storm last year, and such decentralized digital assets are easily one of the hottest topics in trading communities. However, the cryptocurrency exchange market provides very little support for advanced and experienced traders, severely hindering the development of cryptocurrency as an alternative asset class. The road to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency trading remains challenging.

The current state of the cryptocurrency market is exceptionally fast-paced and highly volatile. …

On July 1, Decentralised Institute Asia organized a RISE afterparty, invitation-only “Global Blockchain Snapshot” event in Hong Kong. This event brought together the brightest thought leaders in the crypto space, bringing fresh perspectives and innovations from industry leaders and experts from traditional markets.

Event speakers include:

Kenneth King, President of Plutux Exchange

Hervé Blanc, President of SHAREKEY

Matthew Iles, CEO of The Civil Media Company

Jane Nguyen, COO of Intellos

Mathew Nolan, CEO & Founder of Menlo One

Laimonas Noreika, CEO & FOunder of DESICO

Kenneth King, President of Plutux, addressed the audience “By utilizing mathematical formulas and high-speed computer…

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