Technical Infrastructure of Plutux Exchange

To create a strong trader-centric experience, we have outlined three guiding principles for the design and implementation of our Users Experience (“UX”) and User Interface (“UI”):

  • The most important information to users will appear first, appear prominently, and be easy to understand;
  • Users must have quick access to the most common and desired actions for traders;
  • Data visualization must be displayed simply and clearly, offering insights that ultimately empower users’ trading decisions.

Our design team, beyond building a powerful and easy-to-use trading platform, has developed each application function with scalability in mind. The design team has worked closely with the product and marketing teams to make certain that all functions are optimized to convert and retain users.


While Plutux will run online, users may access Plutux through a traditional web platform, as well as mobile iOS and Android platforms, we will focus on delivering a best-in-class mobile product on the iOS and Android platforms. We believe that, in a world where time is scarce convenience, extensiveness and simplicity must coincide our duty is to offer users a thorough, comprehensive, and easy-to-use product. Our team’s product development and design experience enables Plutux to deliver a responsive, intuitive and stable product with large-scale internet penetration. We will employ mobile-focused technologies such as GPS and data caching to ensure swift loading times and data fetching, which are essential to high performance trading applications.


We have built our platform and infrastructure using the Cloud-Native approach for reasons of scale, efficient development efficiency and deployment. Our approach incorporates the following four principles:

  • DevOps — Developers can carry out IT operation through automation with a clear understanding of interaction between modules. This automation allows the development team to build, test and release software in shorter and consistent intervals.
  • Continuous Delivery — We will constantly test and deploy small batches of updates, ensuring minimized risk and quicker feedback from end users.
  • Microservices — Trading system is partitioned into smaller independent services connected through APIs. Each microservice can be deployed, upgraded or scaled without impacting existing services.
  • Containers — Batches are uploaded to the cloud in units called containers. Containers are extremely lightweight and share the same technical specification, thus standardizing module updates and reducing potential errors.

We chose Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform as it is supported by all major cloud service providers. This makes integration easy and allows Plutux to not be dependent to a specific service provider.



The core idea behind Plutux’s order matching engine is Event Sourcing. All changes to the orderbook are captured and stored chronologically. These changes include limit order placements and cancellations, as well as market order executions and order matching. Storing an exhaustive sequence of past events allows us to replicate the current orderbook state by replaying events, and to determine the orderbook state at any point in time. These actions are particularly crucial when carrying out system updates and handling crash recoveries.


Limit orders in orderbooks are stored in Dual Red- Black Tree data structures. Red-Black Trees allow order processing at scale and are the best for handling heavy throughputs.


The graph below shows the time required to match 1 million orders against multiple of price levels. Our engine can handle 1 million market orders within 300ms when there are 60,000 price levels, effectively clearing 3.3 million orders within 1 second. In comparison, Binance can only handle 1.4 million orders per second. Here are our actual performance reports:



The trade engine filters all trade, deposit and withdrawal requests and sends valid orders to corresponding microservices. To cater to the huge amount of information it processes, we have built the trade engine using Actor Model on top of Akka Cluster. Actor Model avoids race condition, allowing easy concurrent computation for speed, while Akka Cluster simplifies communication between different machines for resilience and scale.


Plutux uses Vert.x as the foundation of the API Service Layer, routing users’ queries to relevant modules with low latency.


When users submit AllegoTM DIY scripts, the scripts will be translated into Abstract Syntax Tree (“AST”) locally, where our team will vet the scripts before sending to the cloud. Upon certain triggers, the Algo Engine will translate corresponding AST scripts into executable codes and deploy them by sending requests to the Trade Engine.


The Activities Center handles leaderboards, prize pools and airdrop campaigns. It stands alone within the infrastructure, as much of the information processed by the Activities Center is beyond the scope of the Trade Engine, such as referrals and login statuses.

Pre-register with Plutux

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Early access perks:

  • Commission-free trading until 31 December 2018
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Plutux is the first cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange to empower traders with customizable and user-friendly advanced trading features in a mobile-centric, gamified, regulated and ethical environment. Upon acquiring a securities license, Plutux will develop into a securities exchange enabling the tokenization of new and traditional securities.

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Risk Disclosure

Investment in Bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency) involves greater risks than associated with investment in traditional currencies or assets and as a result losses of capital may occur. We advise that you should not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Trading on an Exchange carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Trading through an online platform could carry additional risks. You should therefore carefully consider whether trading and Bitcoin investment are appropriate for you.

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