Tomorrow never comes

It all started with a rain on a gush sultry evening,
not sure what you tell yourself though.
I could never understand what got me.
Is it the way you looked at me at times or
the way you would trace the tattoo on my skin, 
or the true genuine version i had seen so far,
i hadn't seen myself at peace far halcyon, Until.

Ain’t sure how we clicked or we zincked at all?
I’d come running to you to hide, Brunhilde
and linger or lash out, 
play the little intertwine climber games, Until.

Reassuring as we pass,
You will be the most dazzling trails.

Rare are the times,
when people make you feel good about yourself,
I hope you miss me nibbling your little self.

Sometimes people happen for a reason,
Some heal, some become lessons and some galvanize.
Sometimes all you need to trust your instincts, 
and risk a kiss.
Let them heal, make you smile and restore the faith.

because you never know and 
what if can be sour.