Yellow tinted sky reflects the walls
Refracting through the window 
Clouds have cleared the way 
To the tinge of tangerine in the atmosphere

Sunlights breaths like cotton candy
Bed hair and whites 
Stretching to the mornings or its noon already 
Can’t tell,
For the first time 
Nor I want to look at the time as I look past the bombax

What is this unsettling feeling
Calm yet intrusive
Flashbacks to flashbacks
Not much to think back to

World is the window I see through
The eyes to the soul within
Sun rose to set everyday
Pinks to lilacs 
And flutterbies to endless 
Zoning ins,

Smells like summer haze
Days seems endless in fractions
Flashbacks to snapbacks
Blinks to inks in the sky
Remember the night 
Skies and millions of twinkling
Can't recall when it became so familiar

Tinted hues and jet sprayed love
Winters were about sunbathing
And slowly pass out too see 
The reds in the eyes drowned 
Loosing oneself to the greens when 
We switched places.

Not much to recall about
Calm but intrusive mind.