Ranked 2nd, the players in the football industry to Surprise. In the summer market 2018–2019.

The weather is hot in the summer, I can tell you that through the atmosphere in the market for the players in the past summer can not do it. It is hotter than ever, and even though it is closing the market now.

But we have gathered a deal that is called Surprise fans most. Most fans and most of the ball online may be singing. Oh god, how is it possible? This is the first deal sbobet.

Gonzalo Iguoin, who may say When he came, I was going to go like that. From that, 91 goals in all three seasons of the Nippon team. Make a team of Zebra Juve.

Decided to go to the Iguana in the money with up to 90 million euros, it is called capital sbobet.