Why Most People Will Never Be Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

hi at 70 I see things differently. I do not disagree with the foundation presented. Here is my difference if one is favoured with a government job no one has to chase a pay check. Your check does not bounce! But if you have come up through business & industry we are all chasing a pay check. Retail is currently in trouble & people even in my age group are suffering income stream draining due to all services going up! And there is a lot of animosity and jealousy out there when your neighbour has cradle to grave protection and you or I are in business and must chase business to survive. One side gets to make their day; my side gets made by their day if they sell. Even in commerce I am seeing parents encourage their children to get a safe secure government job. So they will not have to go through the misery their family did moving, job loss, company closing etc….. Frankly it is worrisome out there unless your debt can be controlled and you have savings you can get immediately. Yes the article is good but without an income stream, job loss is just job awful loss. One must learn to save today if not in government because everything outside is getting risky. As a person who travels I am seeing malls closing. Stores with out of stock and it is not all about on- line. People are just carrying too much debt and something has to give working outside of the security of a guaranteed government check. It seems many must re-evaluate their now right now for living in the present versus tomorrow so they will have the means to get to tomorrow safely and with security.

Paul MacArthur