Rwanda’s strategic framework of her current impressive progress as people in the modern world is shaped by first of all a visionary, determined leadership under His Excellency Paul Kagame with government efficiency,human redevelopment, infrastructural development, private sector growth, entrepreneurial activities and modernization.Rwanda continues to show remarkable promise in her commitment to good governance and anti corruption policies.Rwanda has a good track record of making government accountable which has promoted smooth service delivery to the countrymen and has shown a demonstrated commitment to entrepreneurial activities,trade and zero tolerance to corruption policies making her one of the least corrupt countries in Africa.

The Rwandan government understands that corruption has a tendency to suck the life out of any effort to improve governance and development.The leadership has made significant progress in curbing corruption and improving the business climate.Rwanda is among the world’s top reformer (doing business). Corruption perception index published by transparency international ranks Rwanda among the least corrupt countries in Africa being in top four.These international standards show how careful Rwanda is to make continuous progress.

Rwanda has greatly used their worst atrocity in history as a uniting factor where more than 800,000 Tutsis and a few Hutus perished in a planned violence by the genocidal government.Like a wise discerning people,they have memorialized it.But this is not the only thing they want to be known for either as it used to be.Their aspiration as a people is now known as a “ purpose driven nation of individual responsibility in peace and harmony with the collective good”.

The leadership in Rwanda has won praises for stamping out corruption, restoring stability and attracting investment to the country.Rwandans largely say yes to investment and no to corruption.They have rightly understood that corruption has a deleterious effect on economic growth.Economic growth is not sustainable in a corrupt environment never.The leadership also knows that it is easier to attract capital when you’re honest.In Rwanda’s legal reforms,the Rwandans have introduced commercial courts so as to move quickly and efficiently deal with business disputes involving the enforcement of contracts.This has brought in more investment climate, strengthened the rule of law and improved Rwanda’s institutions.
The leadership has sought to foster a change in the local culture that would embrace prosperity.The country has distinguished itself for economic reforms made and it’s government’s commitment to promoting and sustaining economic growth.Rwanda has a big dream.She wants to be the Singapore of Africa.Like Singapore,Rwanda desires to leap from a third world country status to first world in only a couple of generations which the current leadership has proved impressively.Rwanda wants to become an advanced, knowledge based economy in East Africa,just like Singapore in South East Asia.
Not surprisingly,the relative success of Rwanda is linked to intricately to it’s tough, descplined, determined, visionary and principled leadership that has been able to foster national unity and grow a strong sense of self reliance amongst the people in the country.President His Excellency Paul Kagame has shown himself to be intellectually curious from the day he secured a devastated country with a desire to transform Rwanda into a modern prosperous country.

Rwandan government and civil service are technically competent,and have shown a strong interest in continually improving their level of competence.The government has aggressively recruited the highly educated members of the Rwandan diaspora in many cases to using embassies abroad to vigorously seek out Rwandans and present them with attractive opportunities at home.As a result,Rwanda’s high level of public servants tend to be blight, articulate and western educated.These skilled professionals have given the reform efforts in Rwanda a clear sense of direction and the required technical competence to execute those reforms making the Rwandan leadership the most effective government.
Rwandans have understood that they’re the country they produce.The Rwandan leadership has recognized that the rule of law begins with them.President Paul Kagame has said that”Corruption can’t be fought from the bottom,but must be fought from the top”which has shown a different formula from his Africa’s counterparts.The fight against corruption starts with himself and his top officials.This kind of thinking and being in the world free from corruption has made accountability part of the political culture in Rwanda.Government officials can be dismissed or imprisoned if they fail to disclose conflict of interests.
Impressively,they are required to sign a performance contract with the President detailing what they intend to accomplish in the coming year,and if they fail to meet their targets they can be removed from the office which has made me to recall one of the Rwandan minister’s said”Becoming a minister in Rwanda is like a nightmare”just because you have to be accountable.
Rwanda has come along way from a shattered social, economic, political and cultural failures to the creation of a new institution that provides good foundation for crafting of new rules and values to accommodate an inclusive leadership and meet the needs of the population.
Conclusively,untill you’re broken you don’t know what you’re made of,it gives you the ability to build yourself all over again but stronger than ever.


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