EYC Summer School — Hope of Freedom

When I first heard about the EYC Summer School in Berlin, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities and down a few beers with some friends. Well I did accomplish both of those goals. What I got that I wasn’t expecting, were the extremely high quality speakers and more importantly dozens of good discussions that somewhat re-sparked my fire to change the world.

First and foremost I realized that The Finns party, has an impact far beyond our own borders. Our success has inspired conservative and populist parties here and there. Moderate, conservative and patriotic parties are rising all over Europe and they are creating a much needed counterbalance to the federalists, socialists and liberals.

Three topics rose up almost every time during the discussions over the weekend. These were economy, Greece and Russia. Economic issues varied between the respective countries. Greece referendum of last Sunday turned out just as most EYC members predicted.

The issue most discussed with me was Russia. Consensus amongst the conservative youth was that Russian actions in Crimea and Ukraine were against international law and that international community as a whole should condemn Russia even harder, than what has been done. For many of the younger attendees this was the first time that they are actually seeing military force being used in Europe.

The idea of a full scale ground war in Europe, while new and somewhat frightening to many has always been a possibility in the Finnish collective psyche. Finland is also leading the way in military capability, we are one of the few nations in Europe that still possess a sizable army with focus on full scale war against Russian aggression. Others are now following.

Despite the doom and gloom political issues. The main message of the event was hope. Hope of a better Europe, with free sovereign nations that co-operate on a healthy basis without EU-bureaucracy.