Love And F-unemployment

I feel lost in my thoughts. I’m always checking my phone. I constantly feel desperate.

The symptoms of unemployment are strikingly similar to symptoms of being in love.

You’re always looking for something to appease the hunger. The hunger in your bank account, the hunger in your heart, the hunger you know will not be silenced.

The hunger of LOVE….

In the beginning of a relationship all you need is love. You long for the other person. You wish you could be with them, all the time.

Instead, you obsess. Or in my case proceed to eat your feelings. But in some demented twist of fate, the hunger remains.

I have a love hate relationship when it comes to looking for work. On one hand I know I need the structure, and need a good health care package. But on the other, I want to be my own boss and set my own rules.

Looking for the right job/relationship can feel a lot like you’re on a deserted island waiting to be rescued.


Being unemployed is fun, except when you feel you have zero purpose. Being single if fun because you make the rules. It’s not so fun on the nights you feel alone.

Job’s and relationships get old. So you need to make sure you give the most to the experience before you move onto the new shiny thing.

OR, if it’s worth it, you need to make sure you work it.

Falling in love with a job or a person is a lot like lying to yourself. Your not really sure whats going on until the rose colored glasses come off. You enter a new relationship/job with blinder’s on about what’s going on….

And only over time you realize what your actually doing.