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Product launches usually happen on Medium, so I’ve decided to put the Wavetrotter media kit here as well. Hopefully, it provides some insight into my latest and most ambitious project yet.

And thanks for clicking through to learn more about Wavetrotter — I’d love to hear what you think. (Please send emails to phil@wavetrottersurf.com)

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So what is Wavetrotter?

One of the biggest fantasies for every young surfer growing up is getting the opportunity to travel and surf the many famous breaks around the world. While a soul-surfer may adjust their entire lifestyles and careers around being able to surf and travel (guilty 😜), most surfers grow up into the reality that they’ll probably only get one or two solid surf trips a year and who knows if the waves will be good.

However, with the boom in online travel marketplaces and costs of flights decreasing — the ability to take a quick mission trip for many suburban/city dwelling surfers is more readily available than any other time in history.

While we can’t all be nomadic surfers, we could all certainly use more surf trips. From surveying surfers around the world — I learned the 2 most important factors into a surf trip were…

What will the waves be like?
How much is it going to cost me?

Enter — Wavetrotter — a surf travel platform that searches for the best surf around the world and tells you when the waves are on their way.

Wavetrotter includes all of the information you need when booking your next surf trip. Starting with predictive surf forecasts and finding the best flight deals to the most surf friendly spots — Wavetrotter also gives you much more information on regional areas. From Airbnb and hotel costs, to food and grocery prices, to surfboard rental availability. You can get all of the information you need to budget accordingly and make sure you get waves on your next surf trip.

I wanted to create an app that supplemented my own nomadic surf life. But I realized not everyone has the luxury of being flexible with work schedules and locations to chase waves. Planning a surf trip can be fun but oftentimes when I started talking with friends — the conversation was nothing but hopeful fantasy. I hope with real data and swell alerts, more people can start to chase more swells and stay stoked on living a surfer lifestyle.

I also know there are people who are chasing specific types of waves, while on the other hand there are people with a bit more flexibility who are interested in surfing in new places. Therefore, I’ve designed the app to be tailored around each individuals ‘Surf Preferences’. As the app progresses, users will start to see more suggestions based on their particular preferences and turn fantasy trips into reality.

Launch Details

Who made Wavetrotter?

My name is Phil Manning. I’m a self-taught, full-stack developer, designer, and small-business consultant. I grew up in a small coastal town in Central New Jersey. After graduating college in North Carolina with a degree in Business Admin, I came home only to realize there was no way I wanted to live and work in New York…so I began learning how to design and code. I started my own surf lifestyle development company while working at a few bars at night in New Jersey. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit and destroyed my inlet-side bar and restaurant — so I was left with a decision…find another bar gig on the side…or go all-in on my development company. To think it over, I decided to go down to Costa Rica for a bit. I fell in love with CR and ended up realizing I could work from there while still growing my business. I continued to live and work in Costa Rica for most of the year and return to New Jersey in the summers to lifeguard for the next 3/4 years.

Over the next 5 years, I worked with 30+ businesses creating websites and iOS applications while also providing business consultant services. I’ve gained a unique perspective having worked with boutique hotels in Costa Rica, to developing a whale shark tagging app in the Maldives, to working at the fastest growing e-commerce website in the world — Jet.com.

Phil Manning / @traveldeveloper


Media Kit Stuff — photos and videos

You can find all of the items below on Dropbox here 👇https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jh4tglae14e6p8u/AAAA6-moI_hHBzBjSIBs8k8Ga?dl=0

Website Screenshots


app icon
logo-white (yes it’s there ;)


Ocean Blue — #435FFF

Sun Orange — #FF7A00

Thanks again for reading up about Wavetrotter. If you decide to write something about the company please forward it my way so I can include it on the website!

If you have any questions please shoot me an email: phil@wavetrottersurf.com

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