Atta Chakki Manufacturing with the help of Automated Machinery

Back in the days when we did not have sophisticated machines to make our daily life easier. People would grind wheat flour at home using hand chakis. ( hand powered stone mill that can even be found today) . But since then we have come a long way, now there are quite a lot of equipment that is available in the market with astonishing features. These equipments are designed in such a way that it produces thoroughly grind cereals and high quality of flour. Since the conventional milling machine have limitations, the progression of high-tech machinery was inevitable. While operating, the traditional milling machines would take a lot of time and effort with a relatively lesser output. Hence, the atta chakki manufacturers decided to bring forth the more prolific atta chakki. These contemporary atta chakki’s are extremely eco-friendly, fast in process, easy to operate, and have an incomparable endurance.

Benefits of Chakki Atta on Humans Health

P Mark is widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent atta chakki suppliers. It has set the bar high when it comes to the standard of chakki atta. P Mark chakki atta keeps your fit and healthy; here are some of the health benefits to ponder upon:

• Chakki atta prepared by P Mark brings you the benefits of micronutrients available in vegetables and fruits without necessarily changing your eating habits.

• P Mark atta fortified chakki contains Iron and Vitamin B12 which aids to the growth of RBC and Glucose respectively.

• Insoluble dietary fibre in P Mark fortified chakki atta improves the health by keeping you away from digestive system problems like constipation, piles etc.

Because chakki atta is made with the entire wheat grain, the nutritional value of chakki atta is very high compared to other wheat flours. Chakki atta contains bran which is high in fibre and fortification with nutrients like Vitamin B12, Iron and folic acid make it an ideal flour for every house hold .