25 things at 25

Few weeks ago I read Femke’s post and I thought, why not write my own?

5 months ago I turned 25 years old, a quarter of a century, probably a third of my life and that struck me a bit because a LOT has happened in this 25 years; I’ve been designing internet stuff for almost 10 years, I moved countries, I bought a house, I’m getting married… a lot of things, so I decided to do this 25 things at 25 which are some things I learned along the journey of becoming the adult I’m right now.

TL;DR I still don’t know what I’m doing.

1 — Smile! Since I was kid I was known by my smile, always there, even when times were hard, when someone I loved passed away I was there with a smile on my face hoping that would help holding the family ship together. It’s not a hard thing, and this is good for me and for everyone that I interact with.

2 — If you try to do everything you’ll accomplish anything. Take control of your own life, prioritize things, define what is important to you and make it happen.

3 — Work hard, but not too hard. Although I’m only 25 I’ve been working (kinda) full time for almost 10 years, I don’t regret that at all, but It’s good to save time for the ones you love and to do the things you love.

4 — High expectations = higher deceptions. Whenever someone lets you down most of the times that is kinda your fault. Expecting that people will give as much as you is a high bet, be ready to face the consequences.

5 — The current hangover is always the worst, for real;

6 — Home is where you are;

7— Breakups are tough, don't pretend they aren't. It wont help;

8— People will let you down, get over it;

9— Making new friends is hard, really hard;

10 — Don’t care too much about what others think. It doesn't matter shit.;

11 — Your mom was right, you are a beautiful lad, as time goes by you'll learn to love yourself;

If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. — Conan O’Brien

12 — Take feedback seriously — Don’t cherry pick the ones you want to hear.

13 — You are good enough, usually more than enough just do the best you can and be happy with it.

14 — Save money — for real, do it.

15 — Teaching is the best way to learn. You don't need to be a specialist to teach someone something;

16 — Saying no is nice, say no;

17 — Be lazy but not too lazy;

18 — Write more;

19 — Relationships based in mutual respect are the best one;
20 — Water your plants;
21 — Take care of your parents, not because you have to, because you want to;
22 — Don’t play by the rules, but know them by heart;
23 — Save money. Did I said that before?24 — Learn how to take care of your household

25 — Love like there's no tomorrow — don't look for someone to complete you, look for someone that will add to your life, then get married to that person like I did.

Live live to the fullest.