The school is indeed ineffective and mundane for many people, just at the same time the papers…
Sara Bozhinova

Hm…I don’t agree that many people have this problem. What is true, though, is that in the recent decade(s) our lives have been changing so fast that a vast majority of (young) people simply don’t have patience anymore. They assume that whatever momentary interest or predisposition they have must be pursued to the fullest as soon as possible, because somehow life will run out before they could:

  • Interested in sports ? Well why should I put up with boring math lectures ?
  • Interested in literature and writing ? Well why should I study the names of geological formations in geography classes ?
  • Don’t get math ? Well the teacher can’t find my unique resonance frequency, which makes my brain most perceptive, so his/her approach is mundane and obsolete.

The traditional school has always provided the foundations on which people mature (professionally and socially), develop perseverance and discipline, and that’s why the paper it produces is worth more than watching Khan Academy.

But I also agree — it must be difficult to move through life following social norms when coming from disfunctional family, without professional help. But the mundanity of the school system has nothing to do with it.