See This Movie

If you’re a Robert Eggers fan (The Lighthouse, The Witch) please go see this movie.

It’s Eggers’ style paired up with a Viking revenge saga aaaaaand it’s a vicious, barbaric entertainment.

Surely not for everyone. I get that.

If any of the above is up your alley, go for it. Have fun.



And Elon

There’s at least some narrative disconnect at play when you consider news of the Brooklyn subway shooter and/or news of Russia’s flagship naval vessel being sunk are subsumed by Elon Musk’s efforts to buy Twitter.

These are two, presumably, very real events we have no time for because we want our Bird App to be free free free and Elon is the one to do it.

I say we. It’s an editorial we whose makeup and number is unknown.

If Elon wanted to do something truly revolutionary he would buy Twitter, turn off the app, and sell it for parts.

Throw the switch and call it a day.

Everyone on there probably has something better to do.