8 Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Sales Efforts

Top B2B Timing Triggers

B2B sales seems to be a mystery to many business owners and sales people. Just do a search on the topic and you’ll find little that’s helpful.

In my opinion, there are two reasons for this. One — people are searching for that one killer sales tactic that will close all deals or, Two — people fail to realize that successful B2B sales is made up of timing triggers which are by nature very hard to quantify and pin down without a real understanding of ideal clients.

B2B sales most naturally happen when there is a problem or change in a buyers life or business. Without knowing exactly what these problems or changes are, you can’t make ANY sales work effectively.

In my experience, business owners, marketers and sales people don’t do enough strategic thinking and research on timing triggers to discover the reason why clients take action on looking for and buying their product or service. Most make the mistake of spending all their money on the next marketing tactic of the week, which typically fails.

By starting with buying or timing triggers of your ideal clients we can help in crafting attention-grabbing messages that prospects want and improve sales efforts.

Below are eight B2B timing triggers that must be listened for to know when people are ready to buy. No matter if you run a sales department tasked with closing deals or you’re an individual sales person trying fill the sales gap, this is your timing trigger list.

B2B Timing Triggers

1) New Leadership

A newly hired member of the leadership team has ample authority and the desire to shake things up. Since they don’t have established traditions in their new company and are looking to prove their value quickly they’re more open to fresh ideas than most business leaders. It’s a perfect time for your message.

Track this event with: Google alert for the company name, the company’s press releases page, LinkedIn

2) New Job/Role for Current Contact

If a satisfied customer assumes a different position in their company or moves to a new organization, reach out and see if they’d like to bring your product or service along for the ride. If your offering made them look good in their last role, they’ll be eager to spread the gospel in their new one.

Track this event with: LinkedIn

3) Company Expansion

A new office location necessitates a glut of new supplies and services. Depending on your product or service, this can be a primary upsell or introduction opportunity.

Track this event with: Google alerts, press releases page

4) Legal Problems

If a company gets penalized for compliance issues, they’ll be looking for a product or service that can keep them out of trouble in the future. The salesperson who can swoop in to offer help amidst a disaster will look like a hero.

Track this event with: Industry news

5) New Product/Service Announcement

By rolling out a new product or service, a company is venturing into uncharted territory. And uncharted territory calls for different types of support — and potentially new vendors.

Track this event with: Google alerts, press releases page, industry news, social media

6) Event Announcement

Is your prospect putting on a conference, or some other kind of event? If so, they’ll need assistance. Offer your help.

Track this event with: Google alerts, press releases page

7) Mergers and Acquisitions

The coming together of two organizations is a golden chance to earn add-on revenue. Spread the use of your product or service, if one party is already a customer, or get an initial foot in the door during a time of new beginnings.

Track this event with: Google alerts, press releases page, industry news

8) New Legislation

When the Affordable Care Act came down, businesses that never previously had to offer health insurance to employees were suddenly mandated to. In order to determine which employees were eligible and which were not, these organizations had to scrutinize the amount of hours employees worked according to very specific rules. And if the company didn’t have a sophisticated time tracking system in place? Ouch.

Smart HR technology vendors recognized this opportunity to help companies struggling to implement Obamacare — and sold a notable amount of new deals in the process. No matter what industry you sell to, it’s worthwhile to keep a close eye on laws and regulations in case you can be of some aid in your buyers’ time of need.

Track this event with: Industry news


Do you see how this could really change, or add to your sales efforts?

So your action step, which is actually the first step to business growth and the best way to boost sales, is to go interview your clients and find out what the timing trigger was that caused them to look for, and buy your products or services.