Entering the World of Blogging

Good day, all! I finally have succumbed to the new generation blogging trend and hopefully I can make this worthwhile.

I am a recent graduate from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I initially studied for pharmacy going into the university, but I was quick to realize that it wasn't for me. I changed my major to pharmaceutical and healthcare business. I enjoy science, but I crave for the challenge in my exploration of healthcare business.

Fast-forward four years, and it is graduation time. Account management, sales, HR, Q/A and other functions are all viable options, but the choice is a no-brainer. I want to be a healthcare copywriter.

I often find myself doing slide decks in team presentations, as well as proofreading and editing. I can be seen as a “grammar Nazi” and having an OCD. Having an eye with words that are appropriate and sound are essential in communicating clearly and effectively. In the end, my mother is right. She always has thought that I have a passion in writing, and that one day, I will become a writer.

After endlessly applying to countless copywriter positions, Maxcess Managed Markets under the Publicis company has given me the extraordinary opportunity to start my journey.

I’m ready. Let’s make this happen.

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