Some tips to make you feel more satisfied and accomplished about your day

By Peter P. Micu

Do you feel like you want to be productive for the day but just could not get yourself to actually do things? I have been this person in the past and even now from time to time. After finally being “productive” by researching for ways to be productive, below is a short list (I personally use) to make your day more satisfying:

  1. Get up on your feet! Not a hard concept. Even if you think that you still will not do something by simply getting up, think again. Getting up literally puts you in motion and in an active position. Once you are up on your feet, pause for a moment and breathe. You can feel your blood starting to flow throughout your body. There’s a higher sense of purpose when standing up, and this state of mobility is essential to put your body and mind towards what you want to do.
  2. The 1,2,3 list. Get your paper and pencil (or, these days, a laptop or other electronic device), and make a number list from one to three. No more. No less. List the three primary things you want to do for the day. This short list allows your day to have breathing room. The list is not overwhelming and you can remember those three things easily. The most important part of this list is to never add to the list. When you finish one task and think of another task that you want to add to the list, don’t add it! Focus on the three things that you wrote down first. Only move on to the next list after you have completed all the three things in your first list. Again, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed and cluttered. This allows you to feel the satisfaction of crossing items off your list. We all know that gratifying feeling and sensation of grabbing that pen and drawing that line across the paper.
  3. Take a shower. Cold shower or hot shower - it doesn't matter. It cleans you physically and mentally. Scrub those dead skin cells off and feel that water gently spraying down upon you. Massage your neck (or the water if you have a pressurized shower head) to increase bloodflow to the brain. There is a calming element to it that allows you to clear your mind. Dry off with your favorite towel. You will feel much better than before taking a shower. That refreshing feeling of cleanliness and rejuvenation is like a start to the day, and you’re about to make it even better.
  4. Get things done with a companion. This works best with hands-on activities. Painting, gardening, exercising, and picture-taking are some of my productive activities with friends or family members. They put you in a better mindset and take some of the attention away from the task. For example, I do not feel that gardening is as laborious when I garden with my mother as when I garden alone. Having another person definitely helps you be in a positive mindset and get things done quicker with an extra set of hands.
  5. Put your phone on airplane mode. They can wait. Unless someone is dying, you should not be constantly distracted by a million different things from your phone. Text messages. Calls. Email alerts. App alerts. Reminders. They are a hindrance and can ultimately deter you from completing what you want to do. Having a focus with a clear line of sight and having a sense of purpose allow you to complete tasks faster with virtually no distraction. When you finish that task, give yourself a reward by taking a break. Have some watermelon or croissant and check on your phone then. Empower yourself. Don’t empower your phone.

Start off slow. Do this every now and then. It will allow to you have time to get used to the process. Don’t go from zero to sixty - this will not allow your body and mind to transition properly. Be comfortable. Soon, you will feel more motivated to spend the day smartly while having time and space for other activities.

Good luck!

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