Silicon Valley arrogance: “I can tell you which startups will succeed, without even knowing what…
Dan Kim

Great article, I loved your last phrase. That kind of mentality reminds me a quote from an article about how Aaron Levie works, he said this:

“I haven’t taken a vacation day — the V-word — in the seven years since I started this company. I recently went on my first vacation, but it wasn’t technically a day off. It was just a long weekend in Mexico with my girlfriend. She and I met a few years ago at a nonwork party that I really didn’t want to go to, because I don’t understand the point of such things.”

Every time I read this I just think that how his girlfriend wants to date with someone that doesn’t even bother to take some days off to spend some quality time with her.

There’s more amazing things in life than just work, work, work.

As we sometimes say in Portugal: Esta vida são dois dias e o Carnaval são três