A COVID-19 inspired detour that’s likely to continue.

So late-ish last year I embarked on a journey that I’m not likely to return from — I bought a smart spin bike. Specifically, I got an Echelon Ex5S. A few key points:

  • Had I ever been to a ‘real’ spin class? No. Decidedly not.
  • When was the last time I spent any time on a real bike? 10-ish years maybe?
  • What possessed me to even think about this? Definitely one of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ ideas.

Was this a good thing for me? Hell yes it was — and still is. In this COVID-19/quarrantine period of time, it’s been nice to both have an outlet and a way to work on that ever elusive concept of ‘self care.’ However, being the nerd I am, I have this insatiable desire for data. I wouldn’t say I have a ‘problem’ so much as I have this problem, right? If I’m being honest, I’m just now in the last 6–8 weeks ‘finding my stride’ in terms of figuring out how to both keep myself motivated and driven while not burning out. …

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If we were to chart global business demand for technology and IT’s ability to deliver it, we’d get something looking like an upward right curve. In this graphing, business is more aggressive at demanding technology than IT has been at delivering it. This leads us to question whether or not we’re doing things the right way and whether ITSM is failing our clients.

We think it has.

A Bit of History

We think ITSM is failing. But to be fair, we don’t think this is a new development. Rather, it’s been a long, steady decline. Over the last couple decades there have been paradigm shifting, watershed-type moments. …

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Security is a growing concern among businesses of all sizes. From small outlets to large Enterprise organizations. In looking at how DevOps can make an impact in this area, it’s important to keep in mind what DevOps “is” and what it “isn’t.” DevOps security can be an important focus, but it has to be done the right way.

What Does DevOps Security Look Like?

DevOps is a lot of things. It’s a tool, sure, but it’s not “a” tool. It’s not a program or a piece of software. Rather, it’s a lot of them. …


Patrick McClory

Founder & CEO at IntrospectData

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