The afterglow

Not so long ago, my path crossed with someone. I wasn’t on the make and it wasn’t planned but it was to be a perfect storm. I can’t describe her any better than when Bukowski remarked, “she’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire!” It was a working day and I could swear nothing had piqued my interest for the past several days. It was a hot afternoon and I was keeping busy with things that needed to be done. Just when I thought that the enormity of my to-do list would end up consuming me for the foreseeable future, someone random reached out to me on a professional network. We didn’t know each other but the communication that ensued through back-and-forth emails was effortless. It had me reminisce the finer things in my life. It was magical!

We decided to meet and explore opportunities to collaborate on.

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