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The power of focusing on what you love doing

This weekend, a dear friend stopped short of catching me by the collar and setting me straight by getting me to look at what I was missing out by not focusing on what I was really good at — building things.

As an exercise, I started out by listing all the work I’ve been proud of having done till date, and sure enough, most of it comprised of me having to come up with consumer internet products.

The past week and most of this week, I’ve been bogged down doing just that, taking a break from social networks, focusing on work and cutting myself off from distractions. I’ve also been, frankly speaking, frustrated by, amongst other things, people not getting back to me with contracts that were supposed to have been signed off almost two weeks ago; proposals that were due review a week ago and phone calls that were returned in haste.

Today, while working on a presentation, I pulled out a product I built with a friend a while ago, sitting in a coffee shop. At the time we had returned from a deeply intimidating meeting and thought that everyone deserved their fifteen minutes of fame; especially for a medium like video in a world where recommendations were everything. Being featured on national television or the front page of YouTube, the must see feature of Mashable or the celebrity tweeting about your video — you get the idea. We really wanted to find a way to democratise this process where we could just let everyone have what they deserve. Everyone gets in, everyone gets a chance.

And, here’s the most important part we zeroed in on — we won’t have a plurality of streams and options to choose from. It will have a duality of consciousness — either switched on or not. You either watch what’s on the channel or come back later to check what’s on. We called it ECHO, as in building on the consensus of a crowd.

I pulled it out from the dead today and rebuilt most of what didn’t work and put it to test and it made a lot of sense. It felt like I’ve been sucked into a totally new level of consciousness that’s been skirting away from the girders of my life this past few weeks while I chased things. Now that I have something to work on while I continue doing things, I feel a sense of calm. There is a sense of purpose.

There is intuitive validity to doing what you love. Hence the title of my post.

Go find yours!

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