What I learned this wek: Do not run

As the most of develeppers, for the last month i wanted to learn all the Frameworks (React, Ionic, Polymer, Vue..) and lots of new programing languages (Python, Rust, Go…) to become the the best programmer as quickly as possible, heare my first big mistake has arrived. To became a really good developper first of all (in my opinnion) I should understand more the languages that i programm: memory managment, operations, good practices….

The problem is that watching all the days the same code (Javascript in my case) could become boring and i decided to focus on three isues:

  1. Improving my code skills, easy becouse i work with javascript and i have challenges every day, adding some books (starting with Clean Code, advanced javascript in MDN and practicing with Katas) I will feel fulfilled
  2. Becouse I want to improve my javascript skills, i have to learn a new frontend framework and I decided to choose Vuejs, which I have heard better things than others (and looking for information, I am more interested than others)
  3. I need to see other code, and beacouse of it versatility, its many applications and the big comunity arount it i will alse learn a bit of Python (first as a general language, before as server language)

I made my own Trello to avoid getting lost on the way :

I know it's imposible to follow this instructions to the letter, so I got free weekends to recover lost time.

Thanks for reading and Feedback!