How to travel the world as a developer
Iskender Piyale-Sheard

A nice piece to open the eyes form some dream people.

I like to work remotely. For me and my wife, on our ages (+45), is a good thing to do. But our experience should be a little different for the young people and less experienced.

We always rent an entire house full furnished to spend two or three months (sometimes more) on a spot. This give us a “base” to have a decent place to work, cook, sleep. The routine is the same, just moving the place, and we enjoy the evenings and weekends discovering new things in a new country. For sure, two passports and citizenships help us a lot with visas and work permits.

Like you, I don’t believe on “work on the beach”. My laptop is too expensive to do that and I didn’t have my big screen connected (that I buy for second hand on every place). This is just a naive dream from people that don’t know how the life works.


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