I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

I really, really sorry about your story, about Susan’s story and about every story that coming up from the #ubersurvivor. Like a man, I feel sick reading these texts and I’m try to find a way to remove this kind of men from the Earth.

I never took an Uber in my life because I don’t accept what they do with the drivers in my birthplace and, now, reading these texts coming from the people like you, it was the cement to never take one, and fight against them.

But, please, don’t be ruined. This is not the regular behaviour on IT field. I’m working on it for 25 years, I have a lot of women friends working in giants companies without problems. Take your time and try to find a new place where you’re confortable and where you don’t need to live with this kind of diseased people.

PS: my wife is 46yrs and she hate hells too. But, she is amazing without it :)

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