Not only in the “right way”.

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Ensuring you’re treating someone with dignity, easy right?

Not so much.

Simple maybe, easy no. Simple because it just requires active listening, treating without judgement, blame, toxic shame, or criticism.

Everyone is nodding along, yeah! I never do that.

If you’re saying that then it’s almost a guarantee that you treat people in those ways:

Connection in a world that fosters disconnection.

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Our world is chaotic at the moment. The antidote to this is to connect more deeply with your Self. To know yourself deeper, and to embody your feelings fully.

You won’t get rid of the chaos; it’s the nature of life as much as peace and tranquillity. What you can do is to build a tolerance to disorder; a space to respond; an emotional process that includes and celebrates chaos as part of the experience.

Here are six ways you can find connection in a world that often fosters disconnection:


No matter what you do in life there is always a north star, and that north star should be authenticity. …

The more you define it, the better it gets.

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Love is thrown around as a word. Yet, we’re not taught to define it.

What does love mean to you?

The truth is, it means so many different things to different people.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways that you can interpret love; starting with the love languages, and moving onto integrity, authenticity, and a sense of purpose. Love is an individual perception of the world.

Love is both connected and personal.

Some people aren’t our people. There are nearly eight billion people on this planet, they won’t all have meaningful lessons for us, and this is because the energetic resonance is more potent in some than in others. …

The longest shortest journey.

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Understanding the soma is not a typical journey; it may not be on anyone’s radar. It tends to come into play after some exploration into meditation.

Most of us live our lives from the neck upwards. Somatic descent is how it sounds, taking the journey of understanding the body with mental awareness.

It sounds easy, yet doing this requires you to trust intuition fully. Getting out of your way. Move awareness into the body without expectation and wait there for a signal. Feel the traumas of the past and how energy stagnates around blocks in the body. …

There’s a rich understanding here.

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When I was young, my mum smoked in secret. It was an unspoken thing inside the house; she’d quit years before; however, when she was going through a really stressful time — retraining as a mature student, she began again.

My sister or I, I can’t remember who found her smokes in her bag. Smoking was forbidden in our house; it was shrouded in stigma and scorn, heavy silence and disappointment. Yet, I was always drawn there.

The first drag of that warm air descending my throat and into my lungs was heavenly, the rush of energy up into my brain, and passing it around my friends. It was a connection to my friends; a sense of community amongst youths that didn’t understand what their pain was about, skaters who expressed themselves in outlandish tricks and got as high as possible on marijuana. It was a connection to myself; to a body I couldn’t access, hidden beneath the fear of disappearing into the myriad of feelings that I had never seen — the anger, pain, depression, rage, sadness. …

Only the truth is the case.

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Death, death is perfectly safe; only the truth is the case.

That’s how my friend Nick Mulvey puts it. I say friend. We crossed on our life journeys once a couple of years ago; kindred spirits meeting on our paths. There was a resonance there for both of us. I saw his concert in Bristol. It was one of the most profound and transformative experiences of my life.

One man and his guitar; a connective force that moulded an audience of hundreds into a single complex energy of humanity. Connected and purposeful.

Ram Dass…

The simplest sound is the most profound.

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A lot of people wonder how it is they’ll ever get to where they want to go — a kind of existential freeze where they’re too scared to take any action in any direction.

A state of the most intense suffering that humans can endure.

The truth is, failing is not as bad as this frozen fearful state.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes to mind.

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Image from Bill Murray,

Through practice with people’s transformational journeys, what seems to be the case, is either end of the pyramid; physiology, and self-actualisation, are the most compelling and vital to us.

Your body image and your voice.

Self-actualisation is a fascinating concept. …

Educate yourself

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The measure of communication is how your words are received.

That’s an unfortunate fact at times.

When dealing with trauma, communicating with someone in your close relationships who has trauma, or if you’ve experienced trauma yourself, you can’t rely on communication that you have learned in other environments or the common cultural narrative.

I do believe in the wisdom of collective knowledge, most of the collective narrative is trying to ensure safety and security, which is good, but it doesn’t work so well when you’re trying to heal and grow. Many scenarios are unfair concerning the collective view. …

It’s an important distinction.

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A lot of ‘helpers’ help because it’s part of their identity.

People pleasing, codependency, saviour complex, enmeshment, entitlement. It’s all in the human experience.

It can be a convenient part of society; we need communally minded helpers. It’s part of a spiritual nature to trust in the act of service. To trust that reciprocation will come to you when you need it in return.

However, it’s essential to make sure that you’re an inspiration, not the hand that feeds who inevitably will have to take away; either through exhaustion, resentment, or lack of means.

The old parable from the Bible is…

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Written by Peter Middleton — 6/11/2020


Peter Middleton

Be. Thrive. Flow. Explore. Transcend. Interrelating science & spirituality, through discernment. With loving kindness, and a sense of deep humanity.

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