Odin Money — Architecture

A technology update for Odin Money

MVP Alpha Launched!

Our app is now available on the Google Play store and is coming soon to Apple devices!

Note: This app is currently being tested by friends and family only. Please subscribe to this feed to see when the beta is available and links will be shared then for you to download. If you want to sign up for access to an early beta, please register at https://register.odinmoney.com/


As you can see in our architecture diagram, like the majority of tech startups, we are basing our infrastructure on AWS. This is for the same reason that most startups do: high scalability, low barriers to MVP release and compliance on security and data standards.

To start, we have selected Python and Django as our primary backend technologies and are housing the application on a single EC2 instance. This allows us to roll out the application in the most efficient manner and prove and refine the business model and product market fit while also providing the flexibility to easily leverage Elastic Beanstalk in the future to fully take advantage of AWS’ high scalability to span multiple instances.

We are utilizing AWS’ RDS for our data, specifically PostgreSQL. As most of you are probably aware, this also enables us to scale, both vertically and horizontally through configuration rather than hardware investment. In addition, we will be enforcing trusted VPN connections to protect all sensitive data, while also taking full advantage of the security inherent in the RDS.

For the front end, we are using Vue. There are a plethora of options available for front end development, but we selected Vue because of the team’s experience in it and its performance features.

For the mobile apps, we are starting with Cordova in order to allow us to invest in adding additional functionality to the application prior to writing native applications in later releases.

Data Flows

We are utilizing Plaid in order to integrate with your third party banks, lenders and credit cards in order to give you full control of your money across all vendors. We are normalizing the data feeds and enabling you to re-categorize based on your specific needs.

Up Next

Better DevOps. Specifically Continuous Integration, fully automated testing, automatic deploys and utilization of Elastic Beanstalk.

Looking forward to exciting new features as we head towards full scale roll out!