20 Better Slogans for Connecticut than “still revolutionary”

“We really can’t come up with something better?” I imagine that’s how the conversation went. Or at least I hope.

“Still Revolutionary” not only fails to resonate with the current energy of the state, it fails to paint any sort of vision for the future. The slogan immediately conjures up images of the Revolutionary War and forces me to imagine that was the last time Connecticut was hoppin.

At a recent pit stop at a rest stop in Connecticut, they had a tourist booth with the new logo and slogan. However, it was unmanned and only had two paper maps of Connecticut on the counter. They had maps in 1776 so definitely on brand.

So here are some potential improvements for the next Connecticut Slogan. Feel free to add yours in the comments

  1. Connecticut: The Least Natural Disasters!
  2. Connecticut: More Patriotic than New Jersey
  3. Connecticut: Former home of Aetna, GE and the Whalers
  4. Connecticut: Home of the Yard Goats
  5. Connecticut: Rich, Old and Getting Older!
  6. Connecticut: Not Congested
  7. Connecticut: Mostly Forest
  8. Connecticut: Still Solvent
  9. Connecticut: The Place Where Jim Calhoun Coached
  10. Connecticut: Not as Fucked as Illinois
  11. Connecticut: Less taxes than New York City!
  12. Connecticut: Slowing but Still Growing!
  13. Connecticut: The Best Suburbs in the Northeast
  14. Connecticut: We Found Dinosaur Tracks in 1966
  15. Connecticut: Home of Lyme Disease
  16. Connecticut: Lots of Twins!
  17. Connecticut: Home of the Dictionary
  18. Connecticut: Trying to Govern with a 1639 Constitution
  19. Connecticut: The Best Women’s Basketball
  20. Connecticut: His name is Dannel, not Daniel
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