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I read everything, so you don’t have to — Feb 19th, 2017

What to Read This Week

1. Payoffs! — how big sugar paid off scientists to make you think fat causes heart disease (it doesn’t)

2. Lies! — The more a lie is repeated, the more likely it will be believed. Also — when you fact check a lie — it reinforces it even more.

3. Double Agents! — read about the double life that this KGB agent lived — and his eventual defection to suburban christian husband in Atlanta:

Also this quote:

“If Chelsea had been a son, I don’t know if I’d have acted the same way. I have always thought women are better people.”

4. Writing! — The process of Robert Caro who has some of the most lauded biographies. His attention to detail reminds me of Jiro Dreams of Sushi — he is able to achieve greatness because of his obsession with detail. To say he does not half ass anything is an understatement.

5. MIA-POW! — A confusing and fascinating story of a Vietnamese man who claims he is a missing American soldier:

6. Snapchat! — Ben Thompson assesses the prospects of Snapchat as they aim to go public — he shows how their costs are actually increasing with scale but also believes they may have a viable (albeit, risky) path to success in the long run.

This graph says it all:

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