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When you hear people in marketing describe what they do, they tend to talk in terms of the different functional areas that typically make up a marketing organization — I am a product marketer; I do marcom; I work on demand gen; etc. Yet, when you think of many of the goals that marketing has, it doesn’t really fit nicely into any particular area.

For example, many of the projects I do for early-stage startups involves developing a narrative and then getting that story out through various channels. This requires skills and expertise that cut across different areas — messaging…

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Last week, I went to an event organized by ETW Advisors, a startup advisory firm, where a public relations (PR) professional gave advice to startup founders on developing and executing a communications plan. The presenter did a great job at addressing all of the main things founders should keep in mind as they think about developing a PR function within their company. And many of those in the audience were watching with rapt attention, as they jotted down notes, took photos of slides, and asked questions during the Q&A session.

As I sat there, not knowing anything about the companies…

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Years ago, Aaron Levie, the CEO and a co-founder of Box, wrote a post on TechCrunch entitled, “Rise Of The Enterprise ‘Toys’.” In his post, Levie talks about enterprise solutions that are initially viewed as “toys” and then they develop into “solutions”. As he puts it…

Students of the Innovator’s Dilemma know that a new technology starts out being just “good enough.” Often, an early solution only serves a niche part of the market with limited requirements. …

Perry Mizota

An old (experienced) startup guy who thinks he’s young. Helps early-stage B2B startups figure things out.

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